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This is due to the fact that the games cannot automatically translate the Pokémon data from Japanese to a different language or vice versa, since neither game fully encodes both kana and the Latin alphabet (only encoding one fully and the other partially).

If a battle between a Japanese game and a non-Japanese game is attempted, the battle simply does not work, with the save files left unharmed.

The Gym Leaders are: Brock (Rock) at Pewter City, Misty (Water) at Cerulean City, Lt.

Surge (Electric) at Vermilion City, Erika (Grass) at Celadon City, Koga (Poison) at Fuchsia City, Sabrina (Psychic) at Saffron City, Blaine (Fire) at Cinnabar Island, and Giovanni (Ground) at Viridian City.

However, not all Pokémon are available to the player, regardless of version; trades must occur between players in order to complete their Pokédex without the use of cheats or glitches.

In addition, Mew is not normally obtainable in either game; the only legitimate way to obtain Mew is through a Nintendo sponsored event.

The Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console releases use 3DS wireless communication as a substitute for the Game Link Cable.

Japanese and non-Japanese Generation I core series games do not recognize each other when attempting to link them via 3DS wireless communication.

The player must defeat them to put a stop to their crimes, which include killing a Marowak while keeping Mr. As the player's own Pokémon become more powerful, he or she draws closer to the Indigo Plateau.The Pokémon Champion is the rival, Blue, who does not specialize in any one type.Each game contains pre-recorded data on 151 different species of Pokémon, including Mew, a Pokémon even Nintendo was not aware of initially.Using Poké Transporter, the entirety of Box 1 can be sent from the Generation I core series games to Pokémon Bank (regardless of language), from where they can be withdrawn in the Generation VII core series games.As would become the case for each Pokémon game in the core series to come, there are eight Gyms in Kanto, each with their own type affiliation.

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The games can trade and battle with Japanese versions of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Pokémon Yellow.

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