Sagittarius dating tips

We're always looking for more Sagittarius gift suggestions so if you're a Sagittarius woman we'd love to hear what your favorite gifts have been. Every lady loves bling if it's from the man she loves.Consider adding a sexy personalized message to make her smile for years.

A high intensity score means there's some challenging planetary activity going on that day that could make you feel irritable, tense, anxious or simply less able than usual to deal with life's little bumps in the road.

Each sign has it's own color, however that doesn't mean that someone of that sign will like that color! You're better off studying her current wardrobe to learn what she likes than choosing colors based on astrology.

I suggest avoiding these because there's no agreed upon standard for them.

An article you read today or a conversation shared with a friend opens your eyes to something new. Your optimism is a kind of faith in the universe -- trust that you're on the right path, that you're encountering the people and experiences you're meant to encounter.

Suddenly, the world looks like a brighter, broader place than you suspected. 5-star rating Your Daily Horoscope's 5-star rating is based on the effect of the Moon's current Zodiacal energy on your Sun sign.

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