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I was fantasizing about it the other day 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: 🙂 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: I gotta go – she is shouting!7/30/2013 : PUPIL: G’nite 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Delete hey 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Okay gnite 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: And come past tomorrow 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Maybe my hand will make its way across your um…

*the government should really review what they charge as most students are independent and left to cater for themselves.*They're not really arrogant. They need to put on the air in order not to allow their guilt and insecurities make them abandon the money and run back to campus or home to mama. I know one particular runs babe that has traveled far and wide sleeping with men you may recognize from the pages of newspapers. She wasn't arrogant about her life or d trips to Dubai etc, but she wasn't too ashamed about it either.

But that isn't the issue, the problem is, she started asking me to send her money, just barely a day after adding me as friend on Fb. We barely know each other and then you asking me to send you money? And she was like, "No i don't usually ask strangers money, but i needed it to complete the lil money i have so i can buy my own BB phone, coz the phone i 'm using now belongs to my sister".

I immediately blocked her on my friends list.jhydebaba: ... Look at what the g[b]overnment is charging as school fees in universities.

My fone crashed I lost the last few messages 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Oh. 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: I kinda get a bit of perverse pleasure from making u horny 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: 🙂 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Not fair if u don’t share! (ANOTHER PUPIL) trying to get me to con his mom to let him come over 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Pornographic image depicting a child giving a man a blow job 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Is he coming?

7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Up to his mom 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Or if he lets me jerk him off hahaha 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Hahaha 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Pornographic image of two men engaged in sexual intercourse 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: That’s all I want to do at the moment 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: To who??? 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: S’pose not 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Image of young naked boy posing with his rear to the camera 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Nice bum 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: I really wouldn’t mind doing it to u 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: In fact…

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My nine-year-old daughter asked me out of the blue last night, “How do you get a baby?

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