Updating a 1970s home

Updating a 1970s home

In Arnaudville, I met a tourist from Arkansas who, upon entering the tasting room at Bayou Teche Brewing, announced, “We tried to Google this place and ended up in a muddy swamp by the levee over there.”I was gearing up to feel a variation on that pain myself as I made my way from Arnaudville to Morgan City. They’re obnoxious to fold, and their search functions leave much to be desired, but it wasn’t long ago that paper maps were universally accepted as the killer apps they are.

It was the first in a planned season of road trips during which I’d compare the facts on the ground in coastal Louisiana with the facts as presented by the official state maps produced by government agencies. Up until the mid aughts, when online mapping services like Google Maps and Map Quest started to find their way onto GPS-enabled mobile phones, paper maps were our go-to tools for navigating unfamiliar terrain on our own. A Babylonian tablet map of the Mesopotamian world at the British Museum dates to between 700 and 500 BC.

I’m a huge fan of tile laid in a subway pattern instead of traditionally.

The GPS and digital mapping tools built into smart phones and car dashboards have reduced demand for proper paper highway maps to the point of near extinction.I thought I’d share the bathrooms today and then the kitchen next week. It was when we moved in, but then there was a leak and we had to replace it temporarily with these cheap linoleum tiles until we were ready to take on the room.The bathrooms were our first ever room makeovers, LONG before I knew I was going to turn into a home blogger! Take it all in…the lattice cabinets, pink wallpaper, bad paneling, wooden TP dispenser, towel ring on the cabinet, the crazy shelf, AND the missing toilet lid…you are JEALOUS, right? Thankfully that was cabinet stain on the wall and not mold!The faucet looks like it comes out of the wall, but no plumbing had to be moved. When we found out that ordering a replacement lid for the broken toilet tank was NOT cheap, we upgraded to a new toilet as well.Picking one with a smaller rounded tank also saved a few inches. Believe it or not, this house came with TWO bathrooms full of carpet, paneling, wallpaper and lattice cabinet doors. I don’t have the before pics of the main bathroom, BUT just imagine the horrible master before and you’ll have a good idea of what we were dealing with.

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We bought it from a very nice senior couple that had taken meticulous care of it. Everything was done on an extreme budget because we knew it was not our forever home (and because we had a small budget)!

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